Christa and Anthony: Summerhill Pyramid Winery Wedding

Sunday, 7 July 2013

I've known Christa for a while now (10 years?) -- she was my navigator for our wildly successful navigational car rally career as well as my co-driver for stage rally career. So I was delighted to hear that she would be getting married to Anthony in Kelowna and that she'd asked me to photograph her wedding there over the May long weekend. I also brought my wife Kathy along, so when I was off-duty we had a bonus weekend getaway with some great food and wine.

The venue at the Summerhill Pyramid Winery is definitely unique: true to its name, there is a large pyramid out in front, inside which they finish their sparkling wines. There are some unexpected interesting features on the property to photograph, including an oriental-style archway and bridge, a replica of a kekuli (sacred earth house), and old settlers' cabin. And of course there is the wonderful overlooking view of the vineyard and lake perfect for their outdoor ceremony.

Despite the weather warnings and threatening clouds, the forecast rain held off nicely so the outdoor ceremony could go ahead. The day started off like most weddings – makeup and hair for the ladies (great tip to save some money – get makeup done at the mall, in this case the MAC counter at the Bay, and you can pay a fee or buy a certain amount of product) and straight razor shaves for the guys, a nice little luxury.

Like most of my weddings these days, many cultural heritages were represented there: Japanese, Dutch, and Jewish were out in force and everybody, young and old, was on the dance floor! The whole wedding party were really awesome when I stole them away from their dessert to grab some quick shots with the golden sunset that had developed – it would have been a crime to waste a good sunset – and we got some of my favourite shots.


summerhill-winery-kelowna-wedding_0001-12    summerhill-winery-kelowna-wedding_0001-6

summerhill-winery-kelowna-wedding_0001-13    summerhill-winery-kelowna-wedding_0001-7




summerhill-winery-kelowna-wedding_0001-9    summerhill-winery-kelowna-wedding_0001-11




summerhill-winery-kelowna-wedding_0006   summerhill-winery-kelowna-wedding_0007


summerhill-winery-kelowna-wedding_0010    summerhill-winery-kelowna-wedding_0011







summerhill-winery-kelowna-wedding_0019    summerhill-winery-kelowna-wedding_0020



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