Michelle’s Maternity Shoot in Victoria

Sunday, 5 June 2011

On an incredibly rainy day, I sailed over to Victoria to for Chris and Michelle’s maternity shoot. Michelle had wanted to get some dramatic belly shots, so I brought my portable studio to set up in their media room and we had loads of fun crafting the various shots.

We also decided to brave the outdoors and grab some beach shots. After ten minutes of shooting in the driving rain, my entire back was soaked (as was my gear – camera, lens, and flash). Thank goodness for Nikon’s weathersealing and for Michelle and Chris, who generously loaned me some dry clothes and threw my soaking clothes into their dryer for a few minutes while I struck down the studio. It would have been a miserably damp trip back to Vancouver otherwise!

But I’m so glad we got those beach shots. Rarely does one see rain drops in photos, but you can see them here, which goes to show how wet and windy it was.

Here’s a video of our session: